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Are you there?

Please don't leave me...

As the night falls, and I'm all alone again, 

The darkness wrap the world, the shadows start to change and shift,

and my bedroom transform into a fantastic unknown place. 

I need my friend by my side. I am not afraid when we are together.


As the night falls, the adventure begins.



Stay Close is platformer-puzzle game that allows the player to join two friends on

 their journey across the wilderness of the bedroom. Their

 relationship is the key to go onward, face the dangers of the shadows, and most important-

 to grow-up






Controller Inputs:

Arrow keys / Left stick [movement] South button [jump] East button [action]




Developers: Tal Brauner, Arnon Guttel

Designers:  Amit EtkesMika Holtzman


Special thanks to Dani Bacon, Itamar Ernst, Mati Ernst, Nir Lahad, Omer Zadok

This game was made as part of a 'Game-Jam' course in Bezalel Academy of Art and design & Hebrew University, 2022



Stay Close - MacBuild.zip 268 MB
Stay Close - WindowsBuild.zip 260 MB

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